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RWIR soldiers documents
His Majesty's Royal West India Rangers

RWIR Pension Applicants

William Everitt - Just one of the Discharge Certificates found on microfilm 861,851

Probably a better list of Royal West India Ranger (RWIR) pension applicants is at UK National Archives (scroll down their page). An independently transcribed list is below with some differences in spelling.

Originals with detail are found at War Office records 97/1154 and LDS Family History Library microfilm 0861851.

General Service medalMedal-earners have a small medal image next to their entries.

Rank Surname Given name
Allen James
Armstrong William
Ashworth Lawrence
Backs William
Bamber James
Berry Thomas
Sergeant Birchenough John
Birmingham Peter
Brady Owen
Brigardello Stephen
Brooking William
Brown Andrew
Brown John
General Service medal Brown Richd
Browne Peter
Brugrass Stephen
Bueno Antonio
Bryand George
Caine John
Campi Hugh
Carlisle Thos
Carney John
Capegrand Jean
Corporal Candle Joseph
Chamberlain Mark
Cherry William
Chrieshanesky John
General Service medal Clarke John
General Service medal Serg Clark Thomas
Clark John (Royal Waggon Train inserted probably incorrectly with the Rangers)
Clark John
Clewly Thomas
Coote Thomas or John
Dakin John
Davey William
Deitz Johan
Diblock Cornelius
Dillon Michael
Doyle Richard
Dwyer Michael
Early William
Serg Edwards Richard
Everly John
Col. Sergt. Everitt William
Fabria Lorenzo
Fare John
Farrell Simon
Feeny James
Firman Thomas
General Service medal Foley William
Fossett Robert
Freeman Moses
Gallagher Michael
Gardener John
Graft Charles
Grecian Thomas
Green John
Griffiths John
Harris Robert
Hart James
Hawkins Thomas
Hayes James
Healy Bryan
Sergeant Heather James
Hodgins Richd
Hogan Jas [James]
Hollis Wm. [William]
Drummer Hone Stephen
Hornblow George
Hudson Saml[Samuel]
Hulse Wm [William]
Hutchinson George
Sergeant Iville Thomas
Jacobs James
Jenkins Samuel
Johnston William
Jones William
King Hugh (Twice promoted to sergeant and twice demoted to private)
Knowles Richard
Knott William
Kyack Ivan
Lee William
Leggatt Thomas
Corporal Lubzeck Sabo (From Riga, Russia)
Lilliwhite James
McCarty Timothy
McCawley Wm [William]
McClure Saml [Samuel]
McCroden Francis
McDonald Law'ce [Lawrence]
McIntyre Charles
McQuade Bernard
Malone Luke
Manning Dennis
Manosi Gerelimo (From Italy)
Mariani (?J)esmond (From Italy)
Marzella Benedict (From Italy)
Masoki Pierre (From Italy)
Mason Petro (From Poland)
Matthews Henry
Mayes James
Mellson Thomas
Monti Alexander
Morandi Peter (From Italy)
Drummer Moss Joseph
Murphy Cornelius
Corporal O Neal James
O Neil Felix
Pallet Wm [William]
Pearson James
Pelavicini Jean (From Italy)
Phillips Richard
Porter George
Prescott James
Colour Serjeant Punchard Matthew George
Raddi Hamislaus (From Poland)
Serjeant Redman Samuel
Revell Benjamin
Rielly Patrick
Corporal Redford Thos [Thomas]
Drummer Ringrose
Rook John
Serj & Drummer Russell John
Sampson William
Sandroski Louis (From Tuscany, Italy)
Seradas Bona (From Italy)
Shannon Miles
Shaws Robert
Sheel Thomas
Sheers John
Shroul Henry
Serjeant Sloane James
Smith James
Snead Frederick Gregory
Streeter Samuel
Stringer William
Serjeant Sweeney Charles
Tanner Thomas
Taylor Charles
Taylor James
Tier William
Serj Tyson Thomas
Valenburst Jacob (From Holland)
Vanbeck or Vanbock Christopher (From Holland)
Vandioni Pierre (From Italy)
Verbisky Jacob (From Ottaman, Russia)
Ward Thomas
Wilde Thomas
Wilks Thomas
Willis William
General Service medal Corporal Wilson William
Woolham Thomas