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His Majesty's Royal West India Rangers

Sixty-Two New Brunswick Soldier-settlers and their families

Hughes/Hews and Paget

"Thomas HUGHES/HEWS (RWIR) married Jane GINSON 5 June 1820 Woodstock, York Co., by Rev. Dibblee, Rector of Woodstock (York Co. Marriage Register 1812-1837). She was the Jane HEWS who married William Henry PAGET in 1822.

"I would assume that Thomas HUGHES died within the two years following his marriage to Jane GINSON. My grandmother's family history notes showed Henry William PAGET marrying Jane GINSON, d/o Robert GINSON and his wife Mary. As I am sure you have discovered there are almost no useful records re BDMs when dealing with the Baptist Church (and the GINSONs were Baptist).

"Henry PAGET's death is also not recorded, to the best of my knowledge. My grandmother's notes said that he caught a cold which developed into pneumonia while digging a grave for another soldier. He left 8 or 9 children and the youngest was a baby. So my estimate is that he died ca 1838. The children were parcelled out to relatives in the extended GINSON family."

From: NB of Nepean, Ontario, 12-13 April 2005

See also Padget

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