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His Majesty's Royal West India Rangers

Sixty-Two New Brunswick Soldier-settlers and their families

Saint John Council reacts...



As a Common Council held

At the City Hall of the City

Of Saint John on Thursday the

10th day of June 1819.



His Worship the Mayor

Aldermen Wilmot Afsistant Lawrence

(Pettergil?) Durrant

McLeod Clarke


His Worship the Mayor having represented to this board that he has been informed by the Commandant of the garrison of the arrival in this harbour of three Transports having on board about six hundred soldiers of the West India Rangers which are to be disbanded in this City. And it being the opinion of this body that the setting loose at one time such a body of unruly people (which these persons are stated to be) may be dangerous to the peace and safety of the City. His Worship is requested to represent this apprehension to his Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and beg his indulgence in some way to prevent the evil consequences that may arise.




As a Common Council

Held at the City Hall

On Tuesday the 15th day

Of June 1819.



His Worship the Mayor

Alderman Mcleod Afsist Lawrence

Wilmot Durrant

(Petergil?) (????? )


His Worship the Mayor reported a (?letter?) from His Excellency the Lieut. Governor on the subject of the last days resolution.

As it appears that the Regiment alluded to in the said resolution are to be landed this day as a (?precautionary?) measure against riot and disorder His Worship the Mayor is requested to direct the closing of all Taverns by the hour of nine Oclock at night. And that he be requested to withhold all future license from any person disobeying the same….


Excerpt from the Saint John Common Council’s minute books (volume v, pp. 79-80, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick film F-1642).

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